Marketing & Sales Online Training Library


Sales and Marketing Online Training Solution

Our services provide a comprehensive sales and marketing online training library with unlimited access 24/7 from anywhere.

Our Certified Instructors are subject matter experts. Our courses can be scheduled around your convenience so you get the education you need without disrupting your workday.

Best of all, our training solution provides everything needed to get your sales or marketing staff up-to-date on the latest techniques in the field plus certification for successful course completion.

All programs are live instructor-led sessions that can be scheduled around your convenience. Courses are taught via streaming video so students see the instructor’s face, hear their voice and benefit from their expertise.

Program Outcomes:

1. Enhance knowledge of the latest sales and marketing techniques.

2. Increase demonstration of professional competency in sales and marketing areas.

3. Earn valuable Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for license renewal, promotion or career advancement purposes.

4. Learn how to identify business needs through effective interviewing skills.

5. Enriched skill sets and competencies in the digital workplace.

Program topics include:

1. Social Media Marketing Principles – Current social media marketing techniques for businesses in all types of industries including case studies on effective brands, creating your company page, managing your brand, making the most of an event, understanding analytics and more.

2. Targeted B2B Sales Training – This program covers effective cold calling strategies, targeting decision-makers within organizations, building relationships with multiple levels of contacts, identifying business pain points to uncover needs, creating value propositions that address needs and more.

3. Account Management Training for B2B Sales – This program provides practical concepts and practical planning focusing on the customer. Topics include managing an account, developing strategic plans, conducting requirements gathering to gain consensus, improving win rate through continuous learning and more.

4. Seminar Marketing Training – Tips for marketing events profesionally including online marketing strategies, establishing the event brand, developing proposals, working with meeting planners and more.

5. Email Marketing Training – This program includes tips for segmenting campaigns by demographics, developing compelling calls to action that drive action, creating dynamic content with data from your customers, sending effective message and more.

6. B2B Webinar Training – This training is designed for those who are new to hosting webinars or want to learn how to better engage prospects during their webinars. Topics include webinar basics, marketing your webinars, registration options, getting the most out of your host page and more.

7. Video Marketing Training – This program covers basic video creation, strategies for effective content and engaging your audience, hosting videos on the web, uploading to YouTube and more.

8. Sales Management Training – Tactics include managing your time, delegating effectively, coaching employees effectively, setting expectations with clarity and support, aligning compensation with results and more.

9.Online Advertising Training – This training covers the basics of online advertising including PPC, SEO, affiliate marketing and pay-per-click.

10. Google Analytics Training – This program provides tips for setting up analytics to measure results, segmenting campaigns by demographics, creating dynamic content with data from your customers, sending effective messages and more.

Target Audience:

This certification program is suitable for anyone who wants to become better at sales or marketing.