Administrative Office Procedures


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Administrative Office Procedures Binders provide comprehensive instruction in the policies and procedures that govern how administrative offices carry out their responsibilities within organizations. These binders define polices and procedures and explain the reasoning behind them, while encouraging administrative professionals to apply these concepts by engaging in consistent application of the principles. Those who use these guidelines consistently will find themselves well prepared for their responsibilities as administrative officers or assistants in their own areas and wards, where they will be able to avoid common mistakes and misunderstandings.

Learning objectives:

This binder is intended to help you learn how to:

· Understand your role as an administrative assistant.
· Recognize that there are certain limitations placed upon administrative assistants.
· Determine what your policies and procedures should (and should not) be, in order to accomplish the goals of your organization.
· Understand the reasons behind company policies and procedures, as well as how they are applied by administrative assistants within their designated roles.
· Become familiar with common mistakes made by those who hold your office or work in your area.