Business Acumen Training


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The course introduces students to the concept of ‘business acumen’. This is not only about developing an understanding of business but also learning how to take risks, be resilient and identify opportunities (i.e. how to be proactive). It is about learning how to apply this knowledge in order to achieve success not only for oneself but also within the broader context of society. These are important life skills that help students to become successful entrepreneurs and employers who will contribute to their own social well-being while at the same time ensuring sustainable economic development.

learning objectives:

On successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

– demonstrate an understanding of how one’s personal views and values influence their interactions with others in society

– show an ability to identify critical issues from a range of perspectives and choose sound courses of action that meet both self-determined goals and wider social expectations

– show an ability to understand the importance of diversity in society and positively impact others

– show an ability to address ethical issues in the course of their actions

– show resilience when faced with difficult choices or unexpected outcomes

– Knowledge of all aspects and stages in business development

– Ability to understand the key elements of a successful business model