Certificate in Change Management


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Self Paced Online Certificate in Change Management

The Certificate in Change Management is designed to help you understand and manage change within organizations. You’ll learn about different approaches to change management, and how to develop a plan that will help your organization successfully navigate through times of change process. This change management program is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about change management practices, or who is looking to develop their skills in this area.

Few things can harm an organization as much as being unable to adapt, and the world around us is always changing. Change is best managed by people who are informed about it, so this training will teach you the most effective methods for change and help you influence and lead others in it.

What You’ll Learn:

– The basics of change management

– How to develop a change management plan

– The different approaches to change management

– How to implement a change management plan

– The challenges of managing change initiatives in a corporate environment

– How to evaluate the success of a change management plan

– Lewin’s Change Model

– McKinsey’s 7S Framework

– Kotter’s 8-step Theory

– The Change Curve

– Change Management Tools

A Bird’s Eye Overview:

How to use organizational change management methods without losing the confidence and engagement of staff. Leaders with change management skills can help protect employee wellbeing while also driving company success – transferring organizational culture to new environments for communication and collaboration.

Strategic management has a long history and there are well-known theories and frameworks to help you navigate this potentially delicate terrain. This change management course will teach you the skills, knowledge, and tactics needed to bring others along for the ride. You’ll learn how to recognize the emotions and behaviors that are prompted by change, as well as how to develop a culture that embraces transformation rather than avoiding it.

You will have the power to generate immediate results as well as long-term benefits for your company if you can develop an organizational structure for it to understand, support, and sustain change processes.

Participant Profile

This change management foundation training is ideal for change agents, supervisors, managers, leaders, company owners, and other change management professionals who work in this field at their firms. You may be studying change management because your job will call for you to work in this area or you may be a manager or leader looking for ways to enhance your CV with a variety of demonstrated and certified abilities.

Career Development

Adding a specific professional skill, such as change management training (or change management specialist) to your CV, is an excellent method to demonstrate your commitment to career advancement and your proactivity in improving your leadership and management skills portfolio.