Change Management and Leadership


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This course focuses on change management and leadership. The principles of change management are covered in the context of both the private and public sector. Topics include: causes of organizational change, implementing change, resistance to change, leading during a changing environment, team development processes and eliminating barriers to high performance teams. The principles of leadership are introduced with emphasis on servant leadership, influence/persuasion and listening skills.

Course Objectives:

The student should be able to:

– Establish and maintain an environment within an organization that encourages open communication of opinions, ideas, concerns.

– Evaluate organizational changes including their causes, impacts on organizational members, management strategies for implementing change, different types of resistance encountered during the process and strategies for overcoming resistance.

– Conduct self assessment in terms of change management and personal leadership styles.

– Evaluate strategies for building high performance teams, communication processes in various types of teams, managing the team through change and negotiating a win/win solution with team members

– Identify the key principles of change management and leadership;

– Explore the implications of change on an individual, group and organizational level;

– Recognize the transformational role of a leader during periods of organizational change.