Complexity Leadership: Lessons for a Post-Covid World


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Leading in Complexity – Lessons for a Post-Covid World

In the Complexity Leadership Framework we explore how complexity is changing our world and what can be done to lead in a complex future.

The pandemic has brought to light the fact that business as usual is no more. Turbulence and change are now the norm. There is a high demand for new ways of thinking and leadership that acknowledge this new reality.

Even as we emerge from the pandemic, this turbulence will not go away anytime soon. To effectively manage this new world, leaders must be able to question old ideas and create fresh ways of seeing and thinking.

In this program, we engage in a conversation about what it takes to lead in times of turmoil. We explore how leaders can create organizations that are more flexible and adaptive, able to change course quickly when markets shift, new competitors emerge or the next big wave comes along.

This online curriculum was created to help you learn the skills needed to lead effectively in a changing, uncertain environment, post-pandemic.

We guarantee a deep understanding of the complexities and adult learning developments, as well as tools and approaches to become more flexible and ready to tackle new challenges now and in the future.

What You Will Learn
  1. You will embrace the shifting landscape of today’s world, where “less is more” and simpler often times just works better
  2. You will understand why this ‘new’ environment is actually not so new at all but rather a return to our roots
  3. You learn how to thrive in complexity by becoming more flexible, adaptable and resilient
  4. You’ll be able to develop your ability to embrace change, ambiguity and complexity
  5. You will have the tools to create simplicity in a complex world

    Each Module contains videos, text, questions for reflection and action items. There are also modules on how to use the new leadership skills in your daily work and managers’ checklists with resources to help you plan and implement leadership changes.

    We are very excited to offer this new learning opportunity electronically. You can take it at any pace that is right for you, rewind if needed or move ahead if everything makes sense. This learning experience has been designed to allow you the freedom to progress as needed.

    You will be asked a series of questions. You may pause your process or move ahead at any time depending on where you are in your leadership journey.

    Who Should Attend

    Anyone who is responsible for managing a team in the post-pandemic recovery period should attend. Directors, managers, supervisors, and human resources professionals are all examples of those who should attend.







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