Conflicts of Interest


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The most typical workplace conflict-of-interest circumstances and situations in which they arise are explained in this Conflicts of Interest training course.

It is designed to educate workers from a variety of sectors on how to spot and avoid conflicts of interest, particularly those relating to personal, financial, and family interests, dealing with clients and vendors, and handling offers of presents and entertainment.

In this Conflicts of Interest training course, you’ll learn how conflicts of interest affect the workplace and employees’ duties. You’ll learn about typical conflict-of-interest scenarios and situations—such as bribery, pay-to-play, and obtaining a personal benefit—that can arise in a workplace setting. You’ll also learn how to identify the nature of a conflict of interest and whether it has occurred.

Learning Objectives:

– Identify the common types of conflicts of interest that may arise at work

– Describe steps for identifying potential conflicts of interest in advance

– List factors to consider when guided by your organization’s policies or laws on potentially problematic conduct

– Use strategies for dealing with actual situations involving potential conflicts of interest.

– Identify best practices for avoiding conflicts of interest.

The key to success in any organization is trust—trust between management and employees, trust among employees, and trust between our company and its customers. That’s why conflicts of interest are such a serious matter. They can erode trust and damage relationships.

A conflict of interest (COI) is a situation in which an individual or organization is faced with the potential for a clash between personal interests and professional responsibilities. Everyone has different priorities and interests, but when they come into conflict, it can be difficult to make impartial decisions.