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Cyber Security Awareness Training

What is cyber security awareness?

Cyber security awareness is a measure of how well an organization’s employees understand the nature of cybersecurity dangers, how such concerns might jeopardize organizational security, and what actions employees should take if they encounter a threat.

Why is cyber security awareness training for employees important?

Employee awareness training on cybersecurity not only helps to mitigate one of the most common causes of costly data breaches: human error, but it also encourages better cyber security. Organizational security posture and cyber resilience can be dramatically improved by teaching workers how to identify and combat cyber threats.

How many hours of training does an employee need?

The number of hours of training to successfully educate employees in security awareness depends on the individual. Some employees will learn much more quickly than others. That’s why our Awareness Training provides individualized risk scores for employees that let you determine how effective training has been for each individual and to provide additional training or one-on-one coaching when necessary.

With several cyber security awareness training programs available, it is important to find a program that is comprehensive enough for all employees from senior management to those with less technical experience. Our Cyber Security Awareness Training is the only dedicated, comprehensive cyber security awareness training program for employees that enables organizations to get the maximum return on investment.

Learning outcomes:

1. how to recognize a phishing email

2.  how to respond when they encounter a phishing email

3. how they can become personally involved in protecting the security of their company  through cyber security awareness training and education

4. how employees can better protect their company through Education on Demand

5. how to recognize the dangers of social engineering and what to do if they fall victim to this type of cyber attack

7. how to recognize internal or external phishing attacks, and reduce exposure to these types of attacks

8. how to recognize and avoid social engineering

9. how easily an external attacker or malware can steal credentials through man in the middle attacks

10. how hackers use weak passwords and simple brute force attack methods to try and gain access to crucial information and data in a matter of minutes

11. ways employees can better protect their company’s security and reduce the risk of cyber attacks

12. how to protect their company from malware that can infiltrate computer systems through infected emails or links in social media posts

13. how an organization’s employees can help protect the company from data theft, malicious malware, and botnets

14. ways they can use education to become a barrier against a network attack and reduce the risk of compromise

15. how to recognize how criminals make use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for cyberattacks on their company’s employees

16. what to do if they receive an unsolicited email from a stranger asking them to click a link within it

17. steps employees can take to better protect their company from common criminal cyberattacks like phishing, a man in the middle, and brute force

18. how to report cyber security incidents

19. what to do if their computer unexpectedly reboots or locks up without warning

20. steps employees can take to better protect their organization from a targeted attack by a disgruntled employee


The Cyber Security Awareness Training is ideal for any employee within an organization. This training can be done through a classroom setting or online with a full curriculum and customizable based on the size of your organization.


Upon completion of the Cyber Security Awareness Training, users will receive a badge in the form of a certificate to display on their social media profiles.


1-year unlimited access (including all updates). From the moment training has finished, you can download the final certificate. Access details will be provided immediately after purchase to your e-mail address. The training is available worldwide and there are no restrictions on where it can be used.