Followership & Leadership


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The course offers a more general introduction to the topic of followership. We will cover different theories of leadership, focusing on their implications for followership. In addition we will learn how to recognize signs of potential good and bad leaders and think about what kind of leader you want to be.

This training will discuss the concept and qualities of followership, the difference between leadership and followership, the 5 types of followers and the role of followers. Questions of power, trust, integrity and authenticity will be discussed.

Course outline:

– Introduction to the course

– Theories of Leadership & Followership

– The qualities of a good follower

– What does it mean to have influence?

– The 5 types of followers & how to manage them best – Closing thoughts on becoming a better follower or leader

Learning objectives:

– Learn about different theories of leadership and how they influence the behavior of followers

– Recognize potential good and bad leaders (or yourself)

– Reflect on what kind of leader you want to be

– Learn the 4 most common types of followers and what they expect from a leader

– Learn how to identify and manage different personality types in your group

– Understand how to deal with followers when the situation changes (group dynamics)

Target audience:

People working in teams, or planning to work together with others in the future. Executives that plan to grow into managers, as well as middle to senior managers.