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Leadership for Women Online Training Program:

As a woman leader, you face a slew of unique difficulties that demand creative solutions. In this course, you’ll learn different strategies for overcoming typical challenges, how to enhance your emotional intelligence, and the abilities required to stand out as a leader among both males and females.

To help address this challenge, we have developed the Leadership for Women online course to empower women and girls worldwide. The Leadership for Women online course is built around the idea that with the right knowledge, tools and support system in place, there is nothing that a woman or girl cannot achieve.

This Leadership for Women online course provides women with information on how to increase their self-confidence as well as develop the skills they need to be successful leaders. It also teaches girls life skills such as goal setting, effective communication and how to be more assertive. With the Leadership for Women online course, women and girls everywhere can take control of their futures and live the lives they desire.


The first lesson of the online course, Self-Knowledge, is all about helping you get to know yourself better. You will discover what makes you unique and learn how to embrace your strengths and use them in leadership positions. The second part of this section focuses on self-awareness through exercises involving goalsetting, goal review and self-reflection.

Building Your Confidence

In the Building Your Confidence section, you will learn how to set achievable goals and tackle challenges as they come along. You will also discover how to be more assertive in key areas of your life such as work, home and relationships through exercises such as the Assertiveness Wheel and Identifying Your Personal Power.

Navigating Aspiration & Ambition

Through this leadership course, you will learn how to navigate your leadership aspirations and identify the tactics for success. You will also learn how to handle fear, get past obstacles that are holding you back, understand what motivates you and discover even more about yourself.

Women in Leadership: Negotiation Skills & Strategies

During this section, you will learn how to turn negotiation skills into action through lessons on direct vs. indirect communication styles and the ABC of a Successful Negotiation. You will also gain insight into what motivates people in key decision making positions and discover how to effectively communicate with them.

Understanding Others & Leadership Communication Skills

In this section, you will learn specific communication strategies that will help you lead others better. You will also discover how to harness the power of nonverbal communication in the workplace and make more effective presentations at conferences or board meetings.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

The Leadership for Women online course emphasizes emotional intelligence throughout many of its lessons. In this section, you will learn how to manage your emotions and effectively communicate with others while finding a way to make difficult decisions. The final lesson in the Leadership for Women online course will teach you how to lead through change by using a variety of tools available to become a great leader both on and off the job.

Leadership Skills & Influence Strategies

In this section, you will learn how to effectively deal with conflict and the different communication styles used by people. You will also discover tips on using influence strategies such as leveraging power, reaching out to others and building coalitions. The section concludes with lessons on how to develop new skills through delegation and empowerment efforts.

The Leadership for Women online course is the secret to unlocking your leadership potential and achieving all of your goals. Enroll today and get started on your journey!

Women in Leadership: Navigating the Double Bind

The majority of working women confront a similar problem: if she’s a powerful and assertive manager, she’s seen as dictatorial and abrasive, causing opposition as a consequence. If she isn’t strong enough, she’s seen as feeble and a pushover, making it difficult to get support from her staff. In this session, you’ll look at a common double standard and discover ways to manage it.

Women in Leadership: Outsmart the Work-Life Balance

It’s critical for women in leadership positions to have a healthy and productive balance between their professional and personal lives if they want to maintain energy and positive focus. We’ll look at the typical work-life imbalance problems that interfere with efficiency and happiness in this course. Participants will also look at methods to establish various balances so that they can focus their efforts on their careers while still maintaining their personal well-being.