Leadership Self-Coaching Program


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The goal of leadership is usually to get other people to accomplish large things. Management is the process of putting people in place so that they may do tasks. They’re both vital, but each has its own set of skills. It’s crucial to figure out which approach works best under certain circumstances.

The online Leadership Self-Coaching program redefines and demystifies the journey to leadership. The course is designed to help managers understand that it’s not about getting things done, but rather getting the right things done.

This program shows participants how to move from managing themselves to self-coaching themselves into becoming excellent leaders.

The Leadership Self-Coaching Program provides a simple approach for managers to develop their leadership competencies so they can grow into a leadership role.

The Leadership Self-Coaching Program is valuable not only for managers, but also their employees. Employees who have ambitious career paths benefit from managers who can coach them through the process of learning and applying leadership principles to complex workplace issues.

In addition to the online program, participants receive access to a special coaching web portal with a private forum, additional resources and reference materials.

The program is a self guided online training which consist of many sections. Each section contain video lectures, assessments and workbooks. The complete course takes about 10 hours to complete.

– Coaching Self-Leadership Principles for Managers

– Achieving the next step in your career

– Leadership characteristics

– Decision making & Priorities

– Communication   Skills

– Conflict Resolution

– Dealing with diversity

– Personal Effectiveness & Mindfulness Techniques for a leader

– Managing your Manager, Career path and Leadership


Participants of this course will learn:

1. How to self-coach yourself from the role of manager to leader through principles of personal effectiveness, mindfulness and cognitive science.

2. Leadership Characteristics and Decision Making.

3. Communication skills which are vital for a leader to manage his team effectively and maintain credibility within the organization.

4. Manage conflict professionally through basic conflict resolution techniques that support win-win solutions with diverse teams, stakeholders and executives.

5. How to build personal effectiveness through effective time management, prioritization and self-esteem. This simple mind fitness exercises will allow you to lead a balanced life as a leader and maintain your energy at work.

6. How to identify the next step in your career path and how to manage those who are blocking it.

7. A systematic approach on how to coach yourself through the process of overcoming failures and moving from a manager to a leader.


The course is aimed at:

1. Anyone who would like an insight into leadership principles and effective decision making skills as well as learn how to effectively communicate with a diverse team.

2. Coaches, Mentors or anyone who wants to understand the characteristics of a leader and wants to learn how to become a better one.

2. Managers at various levels within an organization who want to develop their leadership competencies as they grow in seniority