Leadership skills for supervisors and front-line managers



A professional leadership training course for department leaders and supervisors that covers applied techniques for increasing staff productivity and engagement. This leadership skills training program focuses on applied aspects of employee leadership, such as goal setting, time management, performance coaching, employee communications, conflict resolution, and delegation.

This Program Has The Following Benefits:

  • Gain a better understanding of yourself and your teams
  • Build your leadership style strengths and develop areas of improvement
  • Improve your ability to set and achieve goals
  • Learn techniques for effective employee engagement and delegation
  • Know what behaviors benefit and detract from employee engagement
  • Discover how to communicate more effectively with employees at all levels.

What you will learn:

  • How to stop losing time on unproductive meetings and activities
  • How to engage employees by setting realistic goals and following up on results
  • How to effectively communicate with employees at all levels.

About This Program

A capable supervisor or department head must be able to extract the most value from staff.

This course will help you achieve productivity gains by teaching you how to get the most out of your team. This is done in part by employing leadership techniques that inspire, motivate, and engage your staff.

In this professional leadership skills for supervisors training course, you’ll learn how to improve employee productivity and engagement while also learning how to give strong direction and constructive criticism that produces results.

Who Should Attend

The curriculum is recommended for everyone who now oversees employees or manages team performance.

  • Supervisors in business and government
  • Office managers and business administrators
  • Business administrators
  • Team leaders, branch managers, and regional supervisors
  • Plant and production managers, front-line managers
  • HR specialists with organizational training or industrial relations expertise
  • Program participants who want a “next step” program before continuing their education.

Leadership Learning Outcomes

  • Improve Your Personal Leadership Style
  • Introduce new Coaching Techniques
  • Use powerful Goal Setting & Time Management strategies
  • Delegate effectively to boost staff productivity
  • Learn Conflict Resolution approaches to manage difficult situations
  • Provide Professional Performance Feedback to staff
  • Understand Management Ethics to advance your career

What You Will Learn:

How to take control of your time and increase efficiency

How to use informal coaching sessions to keep all employees moving in the same direction.

Learn how managers can set and achieve goals and still achieve personal life balance.

Use this approach when you want team results, but also need to manage individual performance issues.

Discover ways to motivate others by setting challenging goals and then following up with a check-in process.

Prepare employees to accept criticism while encouraging them to improve their performance.

How to give professional feedback that will be appreciated by your team members while also maintaining a positive relationship.

Understand the ethical implications of leading others so you can remain aware of how your actions affect everyone.