Leadership Theories and Approaches


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Course Description:

Leadership Fundamentals offers a 360° approach to leadership and management development at all levels. By drawing on the latest research, we explore what it takes – and why – for leaders and managers to be effective in their work. We also challenge some of the conventional wisdom on leadership theory and practice. Our goal is that participants will gain a practical and better grounded mastery in leadership and management, along with an appreciation for the complexities of these roles.


  • Leadership Fundamentals is a course that will challenge participants to think more deeply about their own understanding of leadership and management, as well as the approaches they take in managing others.
  • Participants will be introduced to a variety of concepts and theories, along with practical applications for how to use them most effectively both personally and professionally.
  • Participants will learn the basic skills needed to enhance individual performance, including communicating clearly and effectively with others.
  • The course also provides managers with tools for motivating individuals and teams, while building stronger relationships in the workplace.


Leadership Intelligence – A comprehensive look at what makes up a leader, both personally and professionally. Participants will explore one’s own leadership journey, along with the factors that influence this.

Becoming a Leader – This module focuses on the development of leadership skills, and will offer participants a process to assess their own strengths and weaknesses. A number of tools – competency models – are introduced for developing individualized leadership styles.

Leading the Individual – This module explores how managers can influence an individual’s performance through more effective communication. Participants will learn about different personal styles and how to manage through different types of behaviours.

Leading the Team – This module will explore interpersonal relationships in the workplace, helping participants understand why teams perform better when they are composed of individuals motivated to achieve common objectives. Participants will also develop an understanding of team dynamics, along with techniques for building trust within teams.

Motivating the Team – This module will explore factors influencing engagement, individual and team performance, as well as how to manage these factors. Participants will develop an understanding of group behaviour, along with techniques for task design and conflict resolution.

Using Feedback Effectively – This module provides participants with an understanding of feedback mechanisms in the workplace, as well as how to proactively use feedback tools to enhance individual and team performance. Participants will develop an appreciation for different styles of feedback, along with techniques for effective dissemination.

Strategic Leadership – This module focuses on the skills required by today’s leaders, who are required to manage across boundaries, look outside their immediate mandate to find solutions, and consider the broader context of their organization. Participants will learn about different leadership styles, as well as how to manage multiple stakeholders.

The Role of the Manager – This module explores the role of managers within organizations. Participants will learn why strong relationships with superiors is important for advancement, along with how to build these relationships. They will also gain an understanding of the different roles within an effective management team, as well as the importance of delegating to others.

Managing for Success – This module will explore how managers can find success through their people, understand what factors are necessary for achieving long-term results, and discover actions that can be taken to influence organizational strategy.