Leadership Training for New Managers


Our First-Time Manager Training Course Can Help You Support Them

Our New Leaders’ first-time manager program, for individuals who have never held a managerial position before, is an online, self-paced instructional course that equips this critical inexperienced group of leaders with the abilities needed to immediately take on greater responsibilities.

It may be tough to assume control as a first-time manager. Some of the most prevalent trouble spots for first-time managers include:

– Adjusting to managing people and using authority

– Developing managerial and personal efficacy

– Leading team accomplishment

– Managing internal stakeholders and politics

– Increasing performance and accountability

– Dealing with conflict and enhancing communication.

The skills learned in this program help first-time managers address these and other challenges head-on. Our courses provide an overview of essential managerial topics, like goal setting, problem solving, giving feedback, and managing time. In addition to the foundational skills all new managers need, our program also offers modules on specialized topics relevant to first-time managers, such as human resources, political awareness, and team leadership.

Our first-time manager program enables new managers to master the key shifts they must make to succeed and discover research-based methods that they may use on the job to obtain fast success in their new position. It also offers practical, useful advice and case studies.

The structure of this course is designed for efficient, dynamic, and bite-size learning.

Participants will also develop a personal leadership philosophy that they can use to guide their actions and decisions, as well as set goals that are aligned with their philosophy.

We’ve worked closely with hundreds of managers at all levels from around the world, either in person or online, on how to become better managers.


Why Choose Our Program on Becoming a New Manager?

The New Leaders Program is based on research. A variety of methods are used to reinforce learning, including video case studies, thought-provoking reflection activities, and practice assignments. New bosses get downloadable resources, useful tools, job aids, and actionable advice to apply right away in their new position.


Management Skills



Turn Your New Managers into Effective Leaders

Develop the new manager skills your rising executives need for success.

Many organizations are relying on successful individual contributors to fill critical management positions, with the hope that they’ll turn into effective leaders. However, while these new bosses often have considerable functional expertise, they frequently lack the skills needed to lead a team effectively.

It’s all about context. What worked for them as individuals may not apply in their new position, and sticking to old habits might actually backfire.

The fact is that new leaders require a change in attitude and competence. Most first-time managers, however, do not receive any training.

However, the shift into management is generally the most difficult point in their career thus far. Many say they find it more difficult than expected, feel alone, and have doubts about themselves, making it all the more critical to invest in training to develop skills for new managers. They must be able on-the-job to transform their identity from that of an expert individual contributor into a leader who can motivate and inspire their team.

Leadership development courses can provide new or aspiring managers the critical tools they need to succeed. Programs that focus on teaching essential skills for new managers can help foster an understanding of their new role and equip them with the necessary strategies and tactics to be successful.

Organizations are starting to recognize that critical skills for new managers must be intentionally developed through coaching, mentoring, and providing access to new manager courses and support. Because no one is born a perfect leader; leaders are made. And that’s exactly what we do.

So, if you’re a new manager, or are about to take on a management role, it’s important to invest in leadership development training programs. They can provide you with the skills and support you need to succeed.


Teach the Keys to a Successful Management Transition

Assist first-time supervisors in acquiring the skills and confidence they’ll need to smoothly assume their new position.

Every leader must make the transition from individual contributor to manager, but being a first-time manager might be difficult. New leaders should reconsider how they see success. The abilities, expertise, and viewpoints that helped them get their new job may not necessarily help them flourish or progress in their jobs.

Inadequate preparation for the leadership transition can lead to a variety of problems. Too many first-time managers go without any assistance in this change, and their positions are detrimental to their organizations as a result. This is evident from data:

  • 60% report not receiving development
  • 50% are rated as “ineffective” by their superiors
  • 40% fail within the first 18 months