Modern Slavery


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The objective of these programs is to raise awareness about modern slavery and its potential effects on customer businesses among firm management and staff.

The course covers the nations, industries, and kinds of employment where contemporary slavery risks are known to be significant, as well as the legislation designed to safeguard persons.

The term “modern slavery” is a popular one that refers to a variety of criminal activities, including human trafficking, involuntary and compulsory labor, bonded labor, and sexual or illicit exploitation.

Slavery may be found at any stage of a long or complex supply chain, even if the firm is unaware.

Raw materials may be mined in regions with a high risk of forced labor, and companies with sophisticated supply chains might discover that they are obtained from such areas.

Construction, janitorial, catering, call center, or other services may frequently be hired or retained by lower-skilled and lower-paid people in the financial, insurance, and accounting industries.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

– Understand what is meant by “modern slavery”

– Identify the different types of activities that can fall under this term

– Recognize some key indicators that could suggest a business is involved in modern slavery

– Understand the steps that can be taken to investigate, prevent, and mitigate the risks of modern slavery

– Recognize that there are laws in place to safeguard persons from modern slavery throughout the world