Office Politics


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Office Politics Course Details:

This course will introduce students to navigating office politics, i.e., the political milieu of work and how it affects personal advancement in an organization.

It will cover such topics as:

• What is office politics? Why do we need to learn about it?
• How does one’s self-concept affect interactions at work?
• What are the common types of office politics and how do they work?
• What is power and how does it affect interactions at work?
• How does one build or reduce power in an organization?
• What are key strategies for managing relationships with those who hold more power than you? Those who hold less power than you?
• What can you do to advance in an organization?

Office Politics Course Objectives:
This course aims to give students the opportunity to:

understand office politics and be able to identify it in their own or others’ behavior; learn how power dynamics work within organizations;
learn strategies for building, retaining,
utilizing power at work;
be able to make changes necessary for self-advancement in their work life;
be able to cultivate positive relationships with the people they interact with at work.