Presentation Skill Improvement


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The objective of the training in Presentation Skill Improvement is to help professionals work on their public speaking and self-presentation skills. The target group for this course are either speakers themselves (Networkers, Speakers) or (potential) hostesses for such events.

The participants learn how to prepare and give a presentation in English that persuades the audience.

The participant will learn how to make a speech that will convince the audience.

The topics covered:

• What is a presentation?

• The ideal presentation and strategy of making a presentation

• Organizational aspects of the presentations

• How to prepare for your speech, including some useful techniques you can apply in writing and while giving a talk

• The main body of a presentation

• The different techniques to give the final touch to your speech and get a standing ovation from the audience

• The Q&A session: how to deal with difficult questions from the audience

• How to recover after a failed attempt at giving your presentation or even get benefit from it

• Peer feedback on each participant’s performance and personal remarks to improve the participants’ presentations