Privacy and Data Security


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Data Privacy and Security Online Training

The ultimate goal of our Data Privacy program is to educate staff about personal data and information, the foundations and principles of data protection, the consequences of failing to adhere to applicable laws and regulations, as well as their responsibilities in terms of data protection.

The Data Privacy course is offered in a variety of versions based on the industry, region, and legal system.

Course Description and Learning Objectives:

This program is designed to introduce an employee to the concepts, terminology and general principles of data privacy, with a focus on their relationship to employees’ daily responsibilities. The course will have a specific emphasis on

• How organizations use personal information in the workplace

• Why staff should be concerned about privacy issues

• What types of privacy-related laws and regulations apply to staff

• Where employees can go for advice if they have specific questions about their own responsibilities

After completing this course, participants will understand:

• How personal data is used in the workplace and why it’s important to handle it carefully.

• The types of law that apply to personal data protection at work. • Where they can go for advice if they have specific questions about their own responsibilities.

• How to protect themselves from the consequences of privacy violations.

• What controls are in place at their organization to keep it secure.

Who is the course for:

Data Privacy Awareness is for everyone who works with personal data and need to:

1) Understand key concepts, terms, and principles of Data Privacy.

2) Learn about the legal requirements regarding Data Privacy.

3) Know where to go for help if they have specific questions about their responsibilities under the law.