Record Management


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Record Management Online Course

We are excited to announce the launch of its first online course, “Introduction to Records Management.” The course offers a practical tutorial on how to put forth the fundamental aspects of records management. It builds on the PARBICA model policy, record plan, and disposal schedule by demonstrating how to adapt them for any organization’s records management requirements.

The course teaches you how to preserve, organize, and manage paper-based records in accordance with the requirements of today’s world. While the lessons’ concepts and principles are relevant to digital records, the emphasis is on paper-based records, particularly in the chapter on evaluating non-current records.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define the words “good governance,” “record,” and “archives,” as well as how recordkeeping promotes good governance.
  • Discuss the recordkeeping responsibilities of companies and organizations.
  • Determine the criteria that must be satisfied before you may establish good recordkeeping in your company.
  • Develop a record-keeping strategy for your company’s primary business or operational records.
  • Define and put into action a recordkeeping policy.
  • Define specific disposal routines for Common Administrative Functions for your company’s administrative papers.
  • Analyse the situation, decide on a record plan, and acquire permission to carry out disposal actions.
  • Document, identify, and use record-keeping regulations in your own business.