Skills in Negotiation


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The online course “Skills in Negotiation” provides managers with the necessary tools to negotiate successfully. It enables them to make the right decisions when confronted with different negotiation situations, considering both their own and their partners’ interests.

The content has been specifically developed for managers who wish to improve their skills in negotiations at work. They will be able to develop negotiation strategies by learning how to define the appropriate negotiation objectives, structure their arguments, manage their own emotions and take full advantage of their negotiating power.

​Specific objectives:

– Identify your negotiation style

– Negotiate in a structured way

– Negotiate on the short and long term

– Set negotiation objectives and evaluate their impact on your business

– Develop a negotiation strategy that fits you and your partner’s needs

– Identify your negotiating power (strengths, weaknesses & opportunities)

– Take full advantage of your opportunities to negotiate