Strategic Human Resources Management


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Course Overview

What is Strategic Human Resource Management? Strategic Human Resources Management is a strategic approach to human resources that works in tandem with long-term company objectives and goals. It may also be defined as the integration of an organization’s strategic objectives with its Human Resources for the sake of business success and efficiency.

What is the Purpose of Strategic Human Resource Management? Strategic HRM considers all aspects of human resources in an organization to assist it reach its objectives and goals. The approach centers on the alignment of human resource policies, procedures, and systems with longer-term corporate goals and outcomes. In Strategic HRM, HR’s role is transformational, change leader and business partner.

AcademyFlex’s Strategic Human Resource Management program will give you a thorough understanding of critical elements of Strategic HR Management so that you can plan, create, and implement well-defined human resource strategies that are in line with the organization’s wider goals and objectives to provide a competitive advantage. These new abilities and expertise will enable the HR department to assume an active role in organizational decision-making, to better assess and manage talent, and to create programs that improve employee productivity.

What You Will Learn?

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Define Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • Understand the role of HR in an organization
  • Develop a human resources strategy that is aligned with organizational goals
  • Analyze the external environment to identify opportunities and threats that may impact HR strategy
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis to understand an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Develop HR policies and procedures that support the organization’s business strategy
  • Identify human capital risks and devise plans to mitigate those risks
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of HR programs and initiatives

Course Length

This course is self-paced and can be completed in 4 weeks.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed for HR professionals who want to learn how to develop and implement effective HR strategies that align with organizational goals. The course is also suitable for managers and business leaders who want to gain a better understanding of the role of HR in an organization.