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This course provides an introduction to the concepts, principles, terminology and theoretical frameworks of supply chain management (SCM). Topics include supply chains, logistics, inventory management, e-procurement and sourcing strategies, warehouse management systems (WMS), order fulfillment processes, shipping/receiving methods, distribution systems, transportation management systems (TMS) and project management.

Learning objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have an understanding of:

1.Current trends and issues in SCM
2.The role of the supply chain manager
3.Major components that comprise a supply chain
4.Network strategies for SCM within a global economy
5.Inventory Management Systems (e.g., EOQ, ABC analysis)
6.Warehouse management systems
7.Shipping and receiving methods
8.Distribution strategies
9.Transportation Management Systems – Freight Forwarding Agents, Transportation Service Providers and Custom Brokers
10.Project Management Techniques for Supply Chain Operations