Talent Management


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In this course, you’ll learn how to choose, find, and enroll talent in the most effective ways. You’ll also discover how to measure performance and assess your staff using the right techniques.

Additionally, you’ll understand how to develop and lead your talent so that they may reach their maximum potential at work. You’ll get a comprehensive view of the entire talent process, from managing people to building a strong talent pipeline for your team and company.

One of the top three concerns for CEOs across the world is managing and developing talent.

In fact, CEOs identify managing and developing their leadership abilities as the most pressing issue for their company’s future success, but they believe that their teams are least competent in addressing.

This course will give you the insights, frameworks, and tools you need to effectively handle and grow talent in your teams and organizations.

– Introduction.
– The Talent Pipeline
– Managing Performance Evaluation and Feedback
– Developing and Coaching Your People
– Creating and Building a Robust Talent Pipeline