The Ethics of Business


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Business Ethics Online Training

The Business of Ethics training course aims to teach workers about business ethics so that they can recognize and address ethical issues that arise in the workplace. Employee ethics have a significant impact on the success of a business.

The foundation for gaining and retaining client trust and loyalty is to adhere to sound commercial standards. Nothing is more essential to a company’s long-term health than consumer faith. It is almost impossible to restore lost trust once it has been shattered.

Unethical conduct can have a wide range of consequences. Aside from tarnishing a company’s reputation, brand and stock value, misconduct can erode public confidence in the markets, damage a firm’s culture and lead to additional financial crime. Negative publicity about ethical misconduct may also impede a company’s ability to recruit and retain stellar talent.

An organization’s ethical and legal compliance is only as good as the individuals in positions of authority, management, and responsibility. It’s critical to keep ethics in mind and educate employees about their legal responsibilities on a continual basis. A company’s morality and legality are only as strong as its executives, managers, and staff.

Ethics and compliance training is crucial for promoting good conduct, setting expectations, demonstrating the company’s dedication, and informing staff of legal or regulatory guidelines that may not be well-known.


1. Introduction to Business Ethics

2. The Ethical Environment

3. Moral Dilemmas at Work

4. Financial Misconduct and Its Consequences

5. Developing an Ethics Strategy for Your Organization

6. Stakeholder Welfare, Communications, Risk Management, Monitoring & Reporting

7. Education & Tools for Ethical Decision-Making

8. Ethics and the Law

9. Cultivating an Ethical Workplace Culture

10. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

11. Preparing for and Managing Change & Organizational Growth

Learning objectives:

– To understand the importance of business ethics

– To be aware of how personal decision making can impact an organization’s legal and ethical standing.

– To recognize unethical business practices.

– To know what to do if faced with an ethical dilemma at work.

Course completion: Upon successful course completion, each learner will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

About Your Instructor: The instructor for this program is an experienced professional with expertise in various fields including marketing, copywriting and business law. The training comprises short videos interspersed with quizzes designed to test learning and retention of key concepts. Learners are encouraged to proceed at their own pace and may revisit video sessions as often as necessary to successfully complete the course.