The Language of Body


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People admire people who are friendly, but that might not be true of you. If you feel misunderstood or unapproachable, start breaking out of the mold with a few tweaks to your outward personality. This course teaches you first how to identify whether your body language or some other form of communication is off-putting to others.

The training provides skills to help you become a more approachable person for both in-person and online interactions, by helping others feel included. Skilfully executing the right mindset and messaging will show people your true self.

Learning objectives:

• You’ll learn the characteristics of an approachable person; how to give off an approachable vibe; and how to make yourself more approachable.
• You’ll learn how to read people and be observant about their body language and facial expressions.
• You’ll be able to tell when someone is open to conversation, and when they’re not; you’ll know what to do in each of those situations.