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This Whistleblowing course is designed to raise awareness about the vital function that employees and others connected with organizations play in reporting illegal activity.

The course distinguishes between several sorts of actions that must be recorded, and how both internal and external reports may be created.

The course also covers some of the legal protections available to whistleblowers, as well as certain pieces of legislation in specific countries. What to anticipate after making a statement is addressed, as is anonymity and confidentiality when doing so.

Whistleblowers — individuals who report illegal activity from the inside of an organization, such as in the case of prison abuse during the American Revolution or corporate whistleblowers that expose highly complex transactions that might otherwise go undetected.

Organisations that request people to report corrupt, fraudulent, unethical, illegal, or incorrect activity promote transparency and honesty and offer a chance for wrongdoers to mend their mistakes. The benefits of whistleblowing and the risks associated with it are explored.

The course concludes by providing guidance on how to make a report, including the use of anonymous channels.

Learning Objectives:

1. To understand the different types of whistleblowing

2. To know what to do when you want to blow the whistle

3. To be aware of the risks associated with whistleblowing

4. To know where to find help and support if you decide to blow the whistle

5. To be familiar with some of the legislation around whistleblowing in different countries.