Workplace Violence Prevention


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Preventing Workplace Violence Online Course

The Preventing Workplace Violence training is designed for employees of both government and private-sector businesses. It explains (1) the most common indicators that violence may be brewing in the workplace and (2) how to respond appropriately if such an occurrence occurs.

The training course may be modified to meet the violence-prevention needs of state legislation, such as New York’s Public Employee Safety and Health (PESH) Act.

Topics covered in the Preventing Workplace Violence course include:

– The definition of workplace violence

– Types of workplace violence

– Warning signs of potential workplace violence

– Prevention strategies for dealing with workplace violence

– How to create a safe work environment

The goal of the Preventing Workplace Violence course is to provide employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent or respond to workplace violence.

Learning Objectives:

1. State the definition of workplace violence.

2. List the types of workplace violence.

3. Name three warning signs of potential workplace violence.

4. Name four prevention strategies for dealing with violent situations in the workplace.

5. Name four ways to create a safe work environment that reduces risk of an act of violence occurring at work or on the way to work.