Every job has some soft skills that are essential, but some jobs require more than others. To be truly successful in these careers, you’ll need to master some of the following 20 soft skills.

1. Emotional Intelligence:   People with high levels of emotional intelligence can identify their own emotions and feel comfortable expressing them while managing the emotions of others.

2. Verbal Communication:   A person with strong verbal communication skills can articulate thoughts and ideas in a polite, precise manner without the risk of misinterpretation.

3. Active Listening:    An active listener is attentive to verbal and nonverbal cues while they communicate their own thoughts and feelings in response to the speaker.

4. Critical Thinking:   Critical thinkers are able to analyze information, identify inconsistencies, and make reasoned judgments.

5. Problem-Solving:   Problem-solvers can take a step back to assess a situation and come up with creative solutions.

6. Time Management:   People who are good at time management know how to use their time efficiently to complete tasks and meet deadlines.

7. Organization:   People who are organized can keep track of multiple tasks and stay on top of their work schedule.

8. Multi-Tasking:    Multi-taskers can handle several tasks simultaneously without becoming overwhelmed or stressed.

9. Attention to Detail:   People with an attention to detail are precise and accurate in their work, ensuring that all the details are accounted for.

10. Flexibility:   Flexible workers can adapt to changes in the workplace and are able to work well under pressure.

11. Stress Management:   People who can manage stress effectively are less likely to experience burnout or anxiety in the workplace.

12. Teamwork:    Team players can adapt and work well with other people in a team setting.

13. Leadership:   People who are good leaders can motivate and guide others, whether they’re peers or underlings, to accomplish their goals together.

14. Negotiation:    Negotiators can communicate effectively to resolve conflicts and reach consensus with others.

15. Calmness:   People who stay calm under pressure have the ability to keep a level head even in alarming or stressful conditions.

16. Initiative:    Initiators are able to take the first steps necessary to complete a project before being asked, which can be helpful in maintaining a sense of control over their work and the direction it takes.

17. Stress-Tolerance:   People who can tolerate stress well are better able to focus on a given task without becoming overwhelmed or distracted by other things going on around them.

18. Creativity: \ Workers \with strong creative skills have the ability to look at a problem from different angles and come up with interesting new ideas that contribute to solving it.

19. Honesty:    Honest people are true to their word and don’t act in ways that hurt others or damage company values.

20. Analytical Thinking:   People who can think critically find the most effective solution for a given problem by assessing available information without bias or assumptions.

Though soft skills are not always easy to quantify or measure, they are essential for a successful career. By mastering these 20 skills, you’ll be well on your way to achieving success in any field.