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Online Compliance Training Library

We offer a complete suite of compliance training solutions designed to meet your regulatory compliance guidelines. A standard online version is available at very competitive costs and includes the following modules:

  • Anti-harassment, Workplace violence and Bullying
  • Code of Conduct, Diversity and Equal Opportunity
  • Fraud Awareness & Internal Controls
  • Health & Safety Training – Security Threat Groups (STGs)
  • HIPAA Privacy & Security Compliance Training
  • Risk Management
  • OSHA
  • Data Protection and Data Privacy
  • Legal Compliance
  • Workplace Discrimination Laws (ADA, ADEA, EPA, PDA…etc)
  • International HR Policies, Procedures & Compliance Guidance
  • Occupational Safety
  • Privacy Protection Policies
  • Ergonomics Training
  • Employee Termination
  • Employee Discipline
  • Accountability Act
  • Sexual Harassment
  • And other compliance training modules and training materials for your specific needs.

All our courses are designed according to regulatory guidelines and compliance requirements from the most stringent countries in the world including: USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more.

Our online courses will help ensure that your employees understand the rules and regulations in your industry to reduce compliance issues which can cost you time & money while damage your company’s reputation.

Custom Online Compliance Training Solutions:

  • Accessing the training on our platform:

We can provide you with a customized online version of any existing compliance training course listed above.

Self-paced software which allows employees to complete the course at their own pace. 

Ability to track progress of each employee. Compliance training can be done in your time without any disruption to business activity.

  • Accessing the content on your platform:

Completely anonymous – no one will know who completed the course. This option is appropriate for companies that want an extra layer of confidentiality and security.

100% confidential and secure – we don’t need any of your employees’ information to provide the course (Name, Address, Phone #, etc.). This option is appropriate for companies that want to keep this information private.

  • Customizing the content for your specific needs:

We can customise the compliance training course to suit your unique business needs – ensuring that you have all the information you require to manage compliance effectively. This option is appropriate for companies with very specific training requirements, which cannot be met by existing courses listed above.


After the course is complete, an automated email will be sent to your designated Compliance Officer to review and report compliance training results.

A detailed compliance training certificate which can be downloaded by each employee and featured prominently on your website. This option includes a customized “Compliance Training Completion Certificate” that can be designed as per your company’s branding.