Top CFA Programs – Uncover the Best Choices

Want to be a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)? Picking the right program is key. There are many choices, and it’s hard to figure out which one gives the best prep. Surprisingly, over 167,000 pros globally have their CFA. It’s a big deal in finance.

We’ve done the homework to find the best CFA programs. These top ones have great study tools, skilled teachers, and lots of practice questions. They make sure you’re ready for the tough CFA exam.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing the best CFA program can improve your exam success and boost your financial career.
  • Look for good study materials, expert teachers, and prices you can afford when choosing a program.
  • The CFA certification is known and respected worldwide by many finance pros.
  • Pick a CFA program that’s well-respected and recommended by both students and pros.
  • Top CFA programs offer everything you need to prepare, like study aids, practice questions, and expert advice.


Kaplan/Schweser is a top provider of CFA exam prep courses. They have different packages for different needs and budgets. You can choose between studying on your own or with an instructor.

Their basic package includes study notes, practice exams, and tools to help you plan. The best package gives you access to live online classes and a Review Workshop. They also have special products like weekend and week-long review courses to sharpen your test-taking skills.

This choice lets candidates pick the best way to learn and fit the course into their life. Kaplan/Schweser is well-known for helping CFA exam takers succeed. Many trust them for their experience in preparing for the CFA exams.

“I chose the self-study package with Kaplan/Schweser. It gave me everything I needed to do well on the exam. The study notes were detailed and the practice exams let me see how ready I was. The access to online classes and the Review Workshop really boosted my studies.” – CFA Level II Candidate

Key Features of Kaplan/Schweser:

  • Largest CFA provider in the industry
  • Offer self-study and instructor-led options
  • Comprehensive study notes and practice exams
  • OnDemand instruction and Review Workshop available in higher-tier packages
  • Weekend and week-long review packages for exam strategy and review
Package Description Price
Basic Self-Study Study notes, practice exams, questions, and planning tools $XXX
Top-Level Includes OnDemand instruction and access to Review Workshop $XXX
Weekend Review Intensive review of exam strategy and key concepts $XXX
Week-Long Review Comprehensive review in a structured classroom setting $XXX

Wiley Efficient Learning

Wiley Efficient Learning provides affordable CFA prep courses. They have several packages for candidates to pick from. These packages are packed with study materials to help candidates do well in the CFA exam.

The stand-alone self-study course is great for getting ready for the exam. It offers lots of practice questions and mock tests. This makes sure candidates are ready for the real exam. Plus, they aim to keep the prices fair, making CFA prep accessible.

For those who like extra help, there are live-online or video options. These options feel like being in a classroom. They come with expert teaching and support. Candidates can choose what method works best for them.

There’s also a review course for the top package. The review course reinforces learning and offers more practice. This makes candidates even readier for the exam. Wiley ensures they are prepared across all CFA topics.

Wiley Efficient Learning Packages:

Package Description
Self-Study A standalone course that includes study materials, practice questions, and mock exams.
Live-Online Instruction in a live-online format with access to additional resources, flashcards, and support.
Video Format Instruction in a video format with flexibility to study at your own pace and access to valuable resources.
Review Course An additional review course to consolidate knowledge and enhance exam readiness.

With great prices and different package options, Wiley Efficient Learning is a top pick. Their materials, along with expert teaching, are designed to help candidates succeed in the CFA exam. It’s a top choice for those looking for quality and a reasonable price.

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review helps students get ready for the CFA exam. They offer detailed study materials and comprehensive resources to understand the exam well. This ensures students build a strong foundation to succeed.

Their live classes are a big hit. These classes let students interact with expert teachers. They also get to share ideas with other students. This makes learning together more effective. Students can ask questions and get feedback right away, which helps clear up any confusion.

On top of study materials and classes, they provide study plans. These plans help students organize their study time. They make sure students are learning well and are right on schedule. This way, students can cover all the needed topics without feeling lost.

The Princeton Review focuses mainly on preparing for the Level 1 CFA exam. However, for those aiming for Level 2 and Level 3, they might need to look elsewhere. But, The Princeton Review is still a top pick for its quality study materials. They offer interactive teachings and well-structured plans for Level 1 preparation.

Salt Solutions

Salt Solutions helps you prepare for the CFA exam with personalized study plans and tutoring. They aim to give you the tools you need to pass the CFA exam and meet your career goals. They offer video lectures, notes, and practice questions to suit different learning styles.

At Salt Solutions, you get a study plan that’s made just for you. They know everyone has their own strong and weak points. So, they design plans to help you improve where you need to most. This way, you can do your best on the CFA exam.

Personalized tutoring is also available at Salt Solutions. Their experienced tutors can guide you through tough topics, clear up any confusion, and offer expert tips. The one-on-one sessions can help you understand the CFA material better and get ready for the exam.

The video lectures at Salt Solutions are a great extra help. They explain hard topics clearly and use visuals to make learning fun. These lectures make it easier for you to understand difficult ideas and review your lessons.

In conclusion, Salt Solutions offers a complete package for CFA exam prep. They have study plans designed for you, personal tutoring, and enlightening video lectures. Their goal is to support you effectively on your path to CFA certification.

Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep

Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep is designed for those aiming to do well in the CFA exam. Its aim is to provide a full study experience. You get a variety of materials and resources for study.

The program provides:

  1. Comprehensive Study Materials: You get detailed materials that cover everything you need to know for the exam. This includes study notes and practice questions. These resources help you understand the CFA curriculum deeply.
  2. Practice Exams: To boost your readiness for the exam, the program includes practice exams. These are designed to mimic the real exam situation. They help you see what you know well and what needs more work.
  3. Performance Tracking: Tracking your progress is key. The program gives you tools to see how you’re doing on practice exams. It helps you focus on improving your weaker areas. This way, you can make better use of your study time.

“Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep provides all you need to succeed in the CFA exam. It includes study materials, practice exams, and tools to track your progress. With these, you can prepare well and meet your certification targets.”

If you’re looking for a top program that offers study materials, practice exams, and helps you track your progress, Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep is a great pick.

Features Benefits
Comprehensive Study Materials Thorough understanding of exam curriculum
Practice Exams Simulates the actual exam experience
Performance Tracking Identify strengths and weaknesses


FinQuiz offers a budget-friendly CFA exam preparation. It includes a wide range of questions and study materials. Their aim is to help candidates succeed in the exam.

One standout feature of FinQuiz is its many practice questions. These cover every topic on the exam. Candidates can test their knowledge and get better at applying what they’ve learned.

The study materials from FinQuiz help candidates master the exam’s concepts. They offer detailed coverage of the exam’s content. This ensures candidates are well-prepared to face the exam.

FinQuiz is known for being affordable. They realize how costly preparing for the CFA exam can be. Their materials are priced lower than many other prep providers, yet the quality remains high.

In conclusion, FinQuiz is a great choice for those seeking CFA prep. It is both pocket-friendly and rich in content. Their materials boost understanding and confidence for the exam.


Seeking affordable help with your CFA exam? MyGuru is your solution. We offer both online and in-person tutoring to match your style and schedule.

Our tutors are experts at adapting to your learning style, whether virtual or in-person. They ensure you’re taught in a way that’s best for you.

We focus on your needs and goals with tailored teaching at MyGuru. Our tutors give you the attention and guidance you need to pass the CFA exam. They’re committed to seeing you succeed with confidence.

Tutoring Features Online Option In-Person Option
Affordable Pricing
Flexible Study Platforms
Experienced Tutors
Personalized Instruction


After checking different aspects like study materials and expert teaching, we found the top CFA prep courses. Kaplan/Schweser, Wiley Efficient Learning, The Princeton Review, Salt Solutions, Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep, FinQuiz, and MyGuru come out on top. Each one has great features for CFA candidates.

Kaplan/Schweser is the biggest name in CFA prep, offering both self-study and courses with instructors. Wiley Efficient Learning is notable for its value and choices, such as live-online or video classes. The Princeton Review has top-notch study stuff and fun, live lessons. Salt Solutions gives a custom learning plan and tutoring, while Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep has complete study stuff and tools to track your progress. FinQuiz has a big question bank for a thorough study. Finally, MyGuru excels in affordable, one-on-one tutoring with various learning platforms.

Picking the right CFA prep course is crucial for acing the exam and boosting your career in finance. Think about what you need and like, and check out the choices mentioned to find the best one for you.


What are the best CFA programs available?

The best CFA programs are offered by Kaplan/Schweser, Wiley Efficient Learning, The Princeton Review, Salt Solutions, Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep, FinQuiz, and MyGuru.

What does Kaplan/Schweser offer in their CFA program?

Kaplan/Schweser is known for their CFA exam prep. They offer self-study and classes with instructors. You get study notes, practice exams, and access to OnDemand instruction and Review Workshops.

What does Wiley Efficient Learning offer in their CFA program?

Wiley Efficient Learning offers budget-friendly CFA prep. You can choose from different packages. They include self-study with questions and mock exams, and either live-online or video instruction. Plus, you get flashcards and a review course.

What does The Princeton Review include in their CFA program?

The Princeton Review gives you top-notch study materials for the CFA exam. They have live classes and study plans. This helps you focus, especially for the Level 1 CFA exam.

What is unique about Salt Solutions’ CFA program?

Salt Solutions offers a unique, personalized CFA prep. They make study plans just for you and provide personal tutoring. With video lectures, study notes, and practice questions, you can ace the exam.

What does Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep offer in their program?

Bloomberg Exam CFA Prep offers a full study package. You get practice exams, study notes, and tools to track your progress. This system helps you see how you’re doing and find areas to improve.

What does FinQuiz offer in their CFA program?

FinQuiz has an affordable CFA prep course. They offer a lot of questions and study materials. This large question bank helps you learn and apply what you need for the CFA exam.

What does MyGuru provide in their CFA program?

MyGuru specializes in 1-on-1 tutoring for the CFA exam. They have online or in-person tutoring. Their experienced tutors give you lessons tailored to you.

What should I consider when choosing a CFA prep course?

Look at the study materials, practice questions, teaching quality, and cost when picking a CFA prep course. Each program has something special, making it easier to find what suits you best.

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