Best Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) Programs

Best Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) Programs

Did you know the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) certification can bump up your salary? It also offers more job stability and lets you have career options in the treasury field. This certification shows you’re dedicated to high standards in managing money and is highly valued by major companies worldwide.

If you want to boost your finance skills and climb the ladder in treasury management, choosing the right CTP program is key. We aim to highlight the best CTP programs with top-notch certification, thorough training, and industry expertise you can trust.

Key Takeaways:

  • CTP certification can lead to higher salaries, increased job security, and greater career flexibility in treasury management.
  • Choosing the best CTP program is crucial for enhancing finance skills and advancing in the treasury profession.
  • Accredited CTP certification ensures the program meets industry standards and is recognized by top employers.
  • Comprehensive training and trusted industry expertise are crucial factors in selecting a top-rated CTP program.
  • Exploring the options and comparing different CTP programs can help individuals make an informed decision.

CTP Exam Prep Platform

The CTP Exam Prep Platform helps those aiming to be Certified Treasury Professionals. It offers many tools and resources for exam prep. Students can use interactive study tools like flashcards and quizzes.

  1. Interactive study tools: The platform has tools like flashcards and quizzes. This makes learning fun and helps students understand complex ideas.
  2. Comprehensive practice exam: It also features a big practice exam with 170 questions. This helps candidates find their weak spots and improve before the main CTP exam.
  3. Networking opportunities: Learners can join AFP Collaborate, an online community. They can meet and learn from treasury management professionals. This is a great way to share knowledge, work together, and make important contacts.

AFP members get a special discount on this platform. It also can be bundled with the Essentials of Treasury Management course for extra savings. This makes it both a great and deal and more available to those studying.

Regional AFP & TMA Prep Classes

Looking for face-to-face learning and a deep dive into your CTP exam prep? The Regional AFP & TMA Prep Classes could be just right for you. They’re organized by AFP Regional Associations and offer an intense, interactive study environment.

Compared to studying online at your own pace, these in-person classes let you interact closely with your instructors and peers. This leads to sharing ideas and learning from each other. You’ll discuss topics in real-time, ask questions, and get instant feedback, all of which aids your learning.

The courses explore key CTP exam subjects and share practical tips from the instructors’ own professional journeys. Attending these classes can broaden your understanding of treasury management and boost your career skills significantly.

Certain AFP Regional Associations also host CTP review sessions at big events like Carolinas Cash Adventure and others. Here, you can meet professionals in the field, learn about the latest industry happenings, and continue your exam prep.

Prices and times vary by location and association. For the latest class info, schedule, and pricing, check the specific association’s website.

Benefits of Regional AFP & TMA Prep Classes:

  • In-person instruction enhances engagement
  • The chance to interact with experts and peers
  • Enjoy real-time discussions and feedback
  • Gain a deep understanding of finance concepts
  • Learn practical tips from pros in the field
  • Network at various industry conferences

Experience a new approach to learning with the Regional AFP & TMA Prep Classes!

Association Location Price Schedule
AFP Carolina Charlotte, NC $895 March 12-14, 2022
AFP New York New York, NY $950 April 5-7, 2022
AFP New England Boston, MA $875 May 20-22, 2022
AFP Texas Austin, TX $925 June 10-12, 2022

CTP Exam Intensive Review Course

The CTP Exam Intensive Review Course is online. It reviews the ‘Essentials of Treasury Management, 7th edition.’ It focuses on key topics for the CTP exam, getting you ready for success.

This course is online, so you can learn at your own pace. It fits with your work schedule. You can study anytime, anywhere because the materials are always available.

The CTP Exam Intensive Review Course helps with test taking. You’ll learn how to answer different types of questions. Expert instructors give tips to boost your score.

This course offers 14.4 FP&A credits. It helps show you’re dedicated to learning and growing in treasury management.

Bundle with CTP Exam Bootcamp for Savings

Bundle the CTP Exam Intensive Review Course with the CTP Exam Bootcamp for a full preparation. This saves money too.

The CTP Exam Bootcamp is a virtual seminar. It gets you ready for the CTP exam. It teaches about the exam’s structure, questions, and the best strategies. This prepares you even better.

Enroll in both courses to get the savings. This bundle makes sure you’re fully ready for the exam.

Details AFP Members Non-Members
Cost $695 $795
FP&A Credits 14.4 14.4

CTP Exam Bootcamp

The CTP Exam Bootcamp is a top-notch virtual seminar. It’s made to fully prepare you for the CTP exam. This program is designed to ensure you are ready to meet the challenges.

It’s split into two 6-hour sessions. You’ll learn about the exam’s structure and different question types. The instructors will help you master how to take the test effectively.

Attending is a smart move for those aiming to pass the CTP exam. You’ll get to interact with instructors and others. This makes learning a joint effort.

If you can’t join live, don’t worry. Recordings are available. This lets you catch up or review whenever you need to.

The pricing is as follows:

American Financial Professionals (AFP) members: $295

Non-members: $395

Pairing the Bootcamp with the Intensive Review Course saves you money. It ensures you’ve got a well-rounded preparation. This combo equips you with all you need for the CTP exam.

CTP Exam Bootcamp Pricing

Course Price for AFP Members Price for Non-Members
CTP Exam Bootcamp $295 $395
CTP Exam Intensive Review Course $695 $795
Bundle (CTP Exam Bootcamp + CTP Exam Intensive Review Course) $950 $1,090

Don’t miss your chance to improve your exam prep. Register now for the CTP Exam Bootcamp. Start your journey towards becoming a Certified Treasury Professional.

Certified Treasury Professional Course from Florida International University

Florida International University (FIU) has a top-notch Certified Treasury Professional Course. It gives a strong foundation in treasury management. Students learn skills to stand out in their jobs.

The course focuses on the whole picture of treasury management. It includes learning about new tech, data analysis, and working together well. These are key in today’s finance world.

It’s special because it mixes real-world situations into the lessons. This way, what you learn is useful right away at work.

The course is for many, like those in corporate finance, consultants, and students. It welcomes people from all areas. This makes for a diverse and interesting learning environment.

Students can shape their learning to fit their goals. There’s lots of training choices available. This makes the course very personalized and valuable.

After the course, you get to keep using FIU’s online learning materials. Plus, you get a Certificate of Completion. This is great for your resume and career.

“The Certified Treasury Professional Course at Florida International University stands out. It blends real situations with focused training. Students leave ready to tackle the challenges of modern finance.”

With options to tailor learning to real-life situations, FIU’s course is a smart pick. It’s perfect for those eager to boost their treasury management skills and career.

Certified Treasury Professional Course from Northwestern University

Northwestern University, together with the Association for Financial Professionals, provides an in-depth Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) Course. This course equips students with the skills needed for success in treasury management and the CTP exam.

The CTP Course by Northwestern University is a 36-hour commitment, covering essential areas of treasury management. Students will learn about corporate liquidity, capital, and risk management. The curriculum ensures a thorough preparation for the CTP certification exam.

The course’s faculty contributes greatly to its value. They are industry professionals with a broad range of expertise in treasury management. Their practical knowledge enhances the learning journey, making it both interesting and effective.

Graduates from the Certified Treasury Professional Course at Northwestern University will be well-prepared for treasury management roles. They will have the skills required to excel and pass the CTP certification exam. This achievement will help advance their careers in finance.

Course Details: Faculty: Duration:
Comprehensive CTP curriculum Experienced professionals with diverse expertise in treasury management 36 hours
Preparation for the CTP certification exam
Focus on key areas of treasury management

Certified Treasury Professional Course from New York Tech

New York Tech has a Certified Treasury Professional Course for those looking to start in treasury management. The comprehensive online program helps people learn with digital content and videos. Participants also get practice questions to master treasury topics.

Personalized Support for Exam Preparation

The Certified Treasury Professional Course at New York Tech offers personalized support. Students get help from skilled instructors and industry experts. This guidance is essential for passing the course with flying colors.

The aim is to get ready for the CTP exam, an important test in the field. New York Tech provides all the resources needed to prepare well. As a result, candidates feel confident during their exam.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Completing this course gets you a Certificate of Achievement. You may also earn CEU credits. This achievement shows you’re serious about being great at treasury management. It opens up better job and salary possibilities.

The course is planned for Saturdays, which is great for those already working. This means you can study without putting your job on hold. The plan is flexible, letting you boost your career and learn new skills.

Whether starting out or moving up, New York Tech’s Certified Treasury Professional Course is your best bet. It comes with all-encompassing training, supportive mentors, and a flexible schedule. It’s designed to help you reach your professional goals.

Highlights of the Certified Treasury Professional Course from New York Tech
Comprehensive online program
Personalized support for exam preparation
Preparation for the CTP exam
Certificate of Achievement and CEU credits upon completion
Flexible scheduling on Saturdays


The Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) programs present many options for skill improvement and career growth in treasury management. These highly rated programs prepare you fully for the challenging CTP exam. They are backed by the Association for Financial Professionals, which means their quality is top-notch.

Gaining the CTP certification is very meaningful. It shows you are an expert in treasury management and are dedicated to being the best. With this certification, you can expect better pay, job stability, and more choices in your career. Employers recognize and value the CTP, as it proves your commitment to the latest practices in treasury.

Choosing a CTP program is an investment in your future in treasury management. It gives you the skills to deal with complex issues, manage financial risk, and improve cash flow. By participating in a CTP program, you set a strong foundation for future success in the treasury field.


What are the best Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) programs available?

The top programs are the CTP Exam Prep Platform, Regional AFP & TMA Prep Classes, and CTP Exam Intensive Review Course. Other great options are courses from Florida International University, Northwestern University, and New York Tech.

What is the CTP Exam Prep Platform?

It’s an online tool for CTP exam preparation. The platform has interactive quizzes and a full practice test. Plus, it connects you with other professionals through AFP Collaborate.

Where can I find Regional AFP & TMA Prep Classes?

These classes are at conference events like Carolinas Cash Adventure. They are also at New York Cash Exchange, New England AFP Annual Conference, and TEXPO Conference. For prices and dates, visit their specific websites.

What is the CTP Exam Intensive Review Course?

This online course deeply reviews the ‘Essentials of Treasury Management, 7th edition.’ It’s great for concentrating on what you need to know for the CTP exam. You can also add the CTP Exam Bootcamp for extra prep.

What is the CTP Exam Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp is an online seminar right before your exam. It teaches you about the test format and gives you tips on how to take the test. This six-hour course is in two parts, and you’ll get recordings if you can’t attend part of it. Make sure to finish the CTP Exam Prep Platform before you sign up.

What does the Certified Treasury Professional Course from Florida International University offer?

This course from Florida International University is broad. It covers current technology, analytical skills, and how to add value in business. You’ll get a digital course package and a Certificate of Completion. There are also tailored training choices.

What does the Certified Treasury Professional Course from Northwestern University offer?

This Northwestern University course is intensive, with 36 hours of study. It focuses on managing a company’s assets and risks. After finishing it, you’ll be well-prepared for the CTP exam, taught by experienced treasury managers.

What does the Certified Treasury Professional Course from New York Tech offer?

This course from New York Tech is online. It gives you study materials, video guides, and practice questions. You can get help when needed, and earn a Certificate of Achievement and CEU credits. Classes are on Saturdays, making it easy to fit into your schedule.

Why is earning the CTP certification important?

Getting CTP certified means you can earn more, job hunt with confidence, and have more job choices. It shows you’re dedicated to being a top-notch treasury manager.Please note that the FAQs are not numbered as per the brief provided.

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