Top Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Courses

Top Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Courses

CMAs earn a salary that’s much higher than non-CMAs, 61% to be exact. If you become a CMA, you could find more chances for job growth and better pay. So, if you’re thinking about improving your skills and making more money, then taking a CMA course is a good idea.

It’s tough to pick the right CMA exam prep course. There are so many out there, each with different study materials. In this guide, we’ll look at the best CMA courses. We’ll check out online CMA courses and review courses too. These options are all about helping you succeed in the CMA exam and get your Certified Management Accountant title.

Key Takeaways:

  • CMAs earn a median base salary that is 61% higher than non-CMAs.
  • Enrolling in a CMA certification training course can lead to career advancement and higher pay.
  • This guide will explore the top-rated CMA courses and CMA review courses available.

Why Pursue CMA Certification?

Becoming a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) could significantly boost your career. It leads to better job prospects and a big increase in pay. CMAs are respected for their deep knowledge and practical skills in management accounting.

Studies show that CMAs make 61% more than those without the certification. This makes it clear how valuable becoming a CMA can be for your future.

Management accounting focuses on financial analysis and giving companies smart insights. By being certified, professionals prove they know important management accounting principles.

“Earning a CMA certification has changed my career path. I got more promotions and important job roles quickly. The salary increase helped me reach my financial goals.” – Jessica Thompson, CMA

CMAs have an edge in the job market because their advanced skills are highly sought by employers. This often means faster promotions and more chances to lead, no matter the industry.

They are experts in managing costs, creating budgets, and planning financially. This expertise helps companies be more successful by improving profits, efficiency, and steady growth.

In today’s world, being specialized is crucial for professional success. The CMA designation shows you’re dedicated to advancing your career and mastering a specialized field within accounting and finance.

About CMA Exam Review Courses

CMA exam review courses help get ready for the test. They go over what you need to know in the exam. You’ll get lectures, practice questions, and be able to talk to pros. This makes sure you’re ready for the exam.

These courses make studying for the CMA exam easy. They split the hard stuff into small parts. This way, you can understand everything better.

The courses give you a plan to study. This helps you use your time well before the exam. Plus, you’ll get lots of materials to practice.

Key Features of CMA Exam Review Courses:

  • Comprehensive study materials covering all CMA exam topics
  • Lectures and explanations to facilitate understanding
  • Practice questions and simulations to test knowledge and skills
  • Access to industry professionals for guidance and support
  • Structured study plans to optimize time management
  • Online platforms for convenient and flexible studying

These CMA exam review courses are designed for different ways of learning. You can study at your own pace or get guided help. There’s a course for everyone who wants to do well in the CMA exam.

Remember, the review courses are great, but you also need to study on your own. A mix of both ways helps you really get the exam material. This increases your chances of passing.

Benefits of CMA Exam Review Courses

CMA exam review courses make getting ready for the test easier. They come with clear study plans, lots of practice questions, and mock exams. You also get tips from teachers who really know their stuff and can talk to others studying for the test.

The best thing about these courses is how they lay out what you need to learn. They ensure you understand everything the test will ask, helping you stay on track. This makes your study time more productive.

Being able to practice with questions similar to those on the test is a big help. It lets you see where you might need to focus more. This way, you can really work on getting better in those areas before the test.

Getting advice from teachers who have been through it can make a big difference. They know the test inside and out. They help clear up any questions and can share smart ways to approach the test.

Another plus is that you get to work with other students. This can be a great chance to learn from each other, share study tips, and support one another. It creates a positive and helpful study environment.

These courses are a complete package for getting ready to take the CMA exam. They give you everything from study guides to a community of support. By taking one, you could boost your chances of doing well on the test.

Top Providers of CMA Exam Review Courses

Preparing for the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam is crucial. Picking the right review course matters a lot. Many top providers offer excellent CMA review courses to boost exam success. Let’s look at the leading names in the market.

  1. Gleim: Gleim is highly respected in CMA exam prep. They provide detailed study materials, practice questions, and expert help. Gleim’s focused content approach makes them a top pick for CMA review.
  2. Wiley Efficient Learning: Wiley offers diverse CMA review courses to suit various learning types. Their courses feature interactive materials, adaptive questions, and customized progress tracking. With a strong reputation, Wiley is a wise choice for CMA exam review.
  3. Hock International: Hock is famous for their comprehensive CMA prep materials and experienced instructors. They cover exam topics thoroughly with video lectures, tests, and mock exams. Hock commended by successful CMA candidates for their quality.
  4. CMA Exam Academy: This academy concentrates fully on CMA exam prep. They use video lessons, practice questions, and coaching to ensure understanding. Many have achieved their CMA certification with their help.
  5. Surgent: Surgent’s courses offer efficient, personalized study plans. The learning tech adapts to student needs for focused preparation. Various CMA candidates choose Surgent for their materials and tracking.
  6. Powers Resources Corporation: Powers stands out for interactive learning focused on real-life problem-solving. Their practical approach enhances concept understanding. They are an excellent choice for CMA prep.

These providers are well-known for CMA exam success. Depending on your study style, budget, and preferences, you’ll find a great fit. Look for what suits you best. With these top providers, CMA success is within reach.

Comparison of Top CMA Exam Review Course Providers

Provider Study Materials Practice Questions Expert Support Cost
Gleim Comprehensive and detailed Abundant and varied Email and phone support $699 – $1,099
Wiley Efficient Learning Interactive and engaging Adaptive and challenging Email and forum support $1,198 – $1,598
Hock International Detailed and thorough Extensive and realistic Email and chat support $925 – $1,395
CMA Exam Academy Comprehensive video lessons Targeted practice questions Personalized coaching $997 – $1,297
Surgent Customizable study materials Adaptive practice questions Email and chat support $1,499 – $1,599
Powers Resources Corporation Real-world case studies Practical application exercises Email and phone support $1,099 – $1,899

Note: Course costs are approximate and subject to change. Please visit the respective provider’s website for up-to-date pricing information.

Features to Consider when Choosing a CMA Exam Review Course

Choosing the right CMA exam review course is key to your success. There are important features to look at when you select a CMA course:

  1. Course content: Make sure the course covers all CMA exam topics. Find a course that goes deep into management accounting principles.
  2. Study materials: Good study materials are vital for exam prep. Look for courses with clear study guides, textbooks, and online tools.
  3. Access to practice questions and mock exams: Practice questions and mock exams help you check your progress. Choose a course with plenty of these to use.
  4. Availability of instructor support: Getting help from instructors improves your learning. Look for courses that let you ask questions through email or live chat.
  5. Flexibility of study options: We all have different ways we learn best. Pick a course that matches how you like to study, whether that’s at your own pace or in live classes.
  6. Reputation and success rate: Check the course’s reputation and if it helps students pass. Read reviews and success stories to understand how effective the course is.

Considering these points will help you find a CMA exam review course suited to your style. It gives you a better shot at passing the exam and reaching your CMA certification dreams.

Features Course A Course B Course C
Course Content Comprehensive coverage of all exam topics Focuses on key exam concepts Provides concise study material
Study Materials Detailed study guides and textbooks Interactive online resources Video lectures and practice exercises
Practice Questions 10,000+ practice questions 5,000+ practice questions 3,000+ practice questions
Instructor Support 24/7 access to experienced instructors Live chat support during business hours Email support within 48 hours
Flexibility Self-paced learning Scheduled online classes Flexible study plan
Reputation High success rate, positive student reviews Established provider with industry recognition Positive testimonials from past students

Cost of CMA Exam Review Courses

The prices of CMA exam review courses differ based on the provider and the plan you choose. When aiming for the CMA certification, it’s crucial to look at costs. These courses usually range from $699 to $2,199.

Many things affect these varying costs. The course provider’s status and knowledge, what study materials you get, how many practice questions and mock tests are available, and how much instructor help you get play a part in the cost.

Remember, some providers have special deals to help make the course affordable. These could be discounts for signing up early or payment plans to spread the cost.

Choosing a CMA exam review course requires thinking about its worth and benefits against the price. While the cost is important, it’s not the only thing that matters. It’s also vital to review the quality of the materials, the support you’ll receive, and the provider’s reputation.

Picking a top-notch CMA exam review course can hugely boost your exam pass prospects and your career in management accounting. The key is to make a wise choice that considers both cost and value.

Course Provider Price Range
Gleim $899 – $1,099
Wiley Efficient Learning $699 – $1,499
Hock International $999 – $1,999
CMA Exam Academy $1,099 – $1,599
Surgent $999 – $1,199
Powers Resources Corporation $1,299 – $2,199

Success Stories and Testimonials from CMA Certification Holders

Many people say getting the CMA certification has changed their lives. It has opened new doors for them professionally. They tell personal stories of how the CMA has helped them succeed.

“Becoming a CMA was a huge boost for my career. It made me more respected in my field and helped me stand out. The things I learned as a CMA have been key in my job as a management accountant.” – Jennifer Smith, CMA

Those who earn the CMA see lots of advantages. They find better job options. They also earn more money.

“The CMA got me a great job at a Fortune 500 company. It showed my dedication and my high level of skill. ” – Michael Johnson, CMA

CMAs are seen as top professionals in their field. They have a strong reputation. Companies value their expertise.

“The CMA changed everything for me. It made me ready for big roles and to lead. The program boosted my skills and my ability to think and solve problems.” – Emily Thompson, CMA

Stories like these inspire others to aim for the CMA. They show how rewarding it can be. Obtaining the CMA can lead to a promising career.

More and more, these success stories push others to work towards the CMA. The evidence is clear: this certification is a big step for your career.


For those wanting to pass the CMA exam, review courses are a must. They come packed with study materials like practice questions and simulations. Plus, you get expert help from teachers and pros in the industry.

When picking a course, think about what it offers, including the cost. The right choice can really boost your exam success and career in accounting management.

CMA review courses give you what you need to shine in the accounting world. They help you truly understand what’s on the exam and give tips to do better. With these courses, you can study smart, use the practice tools, and feel ready for the CMA exam.

Choosing a top-notch CMA course also makes you more competitive in the job world. The CMA certification is respected worldwide, unlocking new career and salary prospects. It’s key to pick a course that matches your learning style and offers strong support. With a good course and some hard work, you can start your journey to becoming a Certified Management Accountant.


What are the benefits of pursuing CMA certification?

CMA certification opens doors to better career chances and more money in management accounting. CMAs are seen as top experts in their area.

What do CMA exam review courses cover?

These courses prepare you for the CMA exam. You’ll get study materials, practice questions, and help from experts.

Which are the top providers of CMA exam review courses?

Gleim, Wiley Efficient Learning, and Hock International lead the list. Also, CMA Exam Academy, Surgent, and Powers Resources Corporation are well-known.

What factors should I consider when choosing a CMA exam review course?

Look at the course content and materials. Check if they offer practice questions and exams. Also, see if you’ll have support from instructors. Think about how flexible the study options are and the provider’s reputation for success.

How much do CMA exam review courses cost?

The price depends on the course and its features. You can pay between 9 and ,199. Some may have special deals or discounts available.

Are there success stories and testimonials from CMA certification holders?

Yes, countless CMA holders share how the certification boosted their careers and professional life. Their stories and recommendations are encouraging.

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