Online Masters Program In Finance

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Course Overview: Online Masters in Finance – A Self-Paced Journey for Busy Professionals

Our Online Masters in Finance is expertly crafted for busy professionals aiming to deepen their expertise in finance without the constraints of traditional classroom schedules. This entirely self-paced, online program is delivered through high-quality, pre-recorded lectures designed by leading finance experts and academics. Emphasizing flexibility and practical knowledge, this non-accredited course caters to those seeking to advance in the finance industry, enrich their current roles with advanced financial concepts, or pursue personal growth in financial understanding, all on their own schedule.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this Online Masters in Finance, participants will:

  1. Master Financial Statement Analysis: Gain proficiency in analyzing financial statements and employing the time value of money in crucial financial decisions.
  2. Navigate Corporate Finance Strategies: Develop strategies for capital budgeting, structuring, and managing dividends with a comprehensive understanding of corporate finance.
  3. Excel in Investment and Portfolio Management: Achieve expertise in evaluating investments and managing portfolios, leveraging knowledge of various financial instruments.
  4. Implement Risk Management Using Derivatives: Utilize derivatives and financial securities to manage and mitigate risk effectively.
  5. Operate Confidently in International Finance: Navigate the complexities of international finance, including managing foreign exchange and international risks.
  6. Adhere to Ethics and Professional Standards: Uphold the highest ethical standards and professional practices in finance.
  7. Leverage Advanced Financial Modeling: Apply advanced financial modeling techniques for strategic financial management and informed decision-making.

Course Benefits for Busy Professionals

  • Designed for Flexibility: Tailored to fit the busy schedules of professionals, allowing for learning at one’s own pace, anytime, anywhere.
  • Direct Application: Focused on imparting practical skills and knowledge that can be directly applied to professional roles or personal financial management.
  • Access to Expertise: Learn from industry leaders and academics, gaining insights and knowledge that go beyond textbooks.
  • Self-Paced Progress: With no deadlines or scheduled classes, professionals can progress through the course as their schedules permit, revisiting complex topics as needed.
  • Enhanced Professional Profile: Completing this course demonstrates a commitment to professional development and mastery of finance, enriching one’s professional profile even without formal accreditation.

Course Curriculum Highlights

  • Comprehensive Finance Fundamentals: From financial analysis principles to corporate finance basics.
  • Advanced Tools and Strategies: Covering quantitative methods, investment strategies, and financial markets.
  • Specialized Knowledge Areas: Including derivatives, risk management, international finance, and ethical standards.
  • Practical Application: Through advanced financial modeling and strategic financial management.

This Online Masters in Finance is the ideal educational journey for professionals seeking to advance their understanding and practice of finance at their own pace, without the commitment required by traditional, accredited programs.



Part 1: Foundation in Finance

  1. Principles of Financial Analysis – Introduction to financial statement analysis, time value of money, and basic valuation of cash flows and securities.
  2. Corporate Finance – Fundamentals of corporate financial management, including capital budgeting, capital structure, dividend policy, and working capital management.
  3. Quantitative Methods in Finance – Essential quantitative tools for financial analysis, including statistics, econometrics, and mathematical finance.
  4. Financial Markets and Institutions – Overview of financial markets, instruments, and major financial institutions, including the impact of monetary policy on financial markets.

Part 2: Advanced Financial Concepts

  1. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management – Theories and strategies for portfolio management and security selection.
  2. Derivatives and Risk Management – Introduction to derivative securities and their use in risk management and speculative strategies.
  3. International Finance – Examination of financial management in an international context, including foreign exchange markets, international financial markets, and international risk management.
  4. Ethics and Professional Standards in Finance – Ethical considerations and professional standards in finance practices.

Part 3: Specializations and Electives

Students choose from elective courses to specialize in areas of interest such as:

  • Real Estate Finance
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Fintech and Digital Currencies
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Sustainable and Responsible Investing

Part 4: Integration and Application

  1. Advanced Financial Modeling – Techniques for complex financial modeling, including corporate finance, portfolio management, and derivatives pricing.
  2. Strategic Financial Management – Advanced concepts in financial decision-making, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, and strategic planning.
  3. Capstone Project/Thesis – A substantial research project or thesis that integrates and applies the knowledge acquired throughout the program to a real-world finance problem or topic.

Assessment Methods

  • Examinations and Quizzes – To assess understanding of core concepts and analytical skills.
  • Assignments and Projects – For applying theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.

Delivery Format

  • Online Lectures and Tutorials – Utilizing interactive platforms for recorded sessions.

This curriculum is designed to be flexible, allowing for updates and modifications to include new developments in the field of finance, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Course Reviews

  1. James H. – “The flexibility of the Mastering Finance course allowed me to balance my studies with my full-time job seamlessly. The quality of the content and the expertise of the lecturers were truly impressive.”
  2. Maria G. – “As someone new to the finance industry, this course provided me with a solid foundation and understanding of key financial principles and tools. Highly recommend it for beginners!”
  3. Ankit D. – “I appreciated the depth of the curriculum, especially the modules on derivatives and risk management. The practical skills I’ve gained are directly applicable to my role in the finance sector.”
  4. Samantha L. – “Though I missed having peer interactions, the course was well-structured and the content was rich with information. The self-paced nature meant I could dive deep into topics I was particularly interested in.”
  5. Eduardo R. – “Completing this course has given me a significant confidence boost at work. Understanding complex financial models and strategies has allowed me to contribute more effectively to my team.”
  6. Chloe W. – “The course’s focus on ethics and professionalism in finance was a standout for me. It’s crucial to understand not just the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’ behind financial decisions.”
  7. Tyrone S. – “For those unsure about diving into a full finance degree, this course is a perfect start. It’s comprehensive and gives a great overview of the finance world without the commitment to a formal qualification.”
  8. Natalia V. – “I was looking for a course to help me understand my company’s financial strategies better, and Mastering Finance did just that. The modules are well organized, and learning at my own pace was a major plus.”
  9. Derek M. – “Great content, expertly delivered. While I missed some level of interaction, the quality of the lectures made up for it. This course has been invaluable in helping me switch careers into finance.”
  10. Fiona C. – “A thorough and insightful course that’s flexible around your lifestyle. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to brush up on certain areas, this course has something for everyone interested in finance.”