Top Master of Science in Finance and Statistics (MSFS) Degrees

Top Master of Science in Finance and Statistics (MSFS) Degrees

Did you know that graduates from Master of Science in Finance programs saw a 47% salary boost six months after graduation? This fact shows how valuable these degrees are for your career and wallet.

Earning a Master of Science in Finance and Statistics (MSFS) degree can really boost your career. These programs provide a deep education, with top-notch teachers. They also let you study while working.

We’ll look at the leading MSFS degrees here. You’ll see why studying finance and statistics is a smart move. Plus, we’ll show you where to find the best programs. Discover how these degrees can take your finance career further.

Key Takeaways:

  • Master of Science in Finance programs provide significant salary increases and successful career outcomes.
  • Top MSFS degrees offer a comprehensive curriculum and flexible learning options.
  • Georgetown University’s MSFS program is highly ranked and provides a world-class finance education.
  • Graduates of MSFS programs have access to a strong alumni network and diverse career opportunities.
  • Completing an MSFS program can open doors to advanced roles in finance and statistics.

Georgetown University’s M.S. in Finance Program

Georgetown University’s M.S. in Finance program is praised for its wide finance knowledge and mixed learning style. It’s ranked second in the U.S. for top online finance master’s programs. This makes it a great option for those dreaming of a finance career.

Students learn many key financial skills, focusing on real-world applications. They delve into topics like investing, making financial models, and managing risks. Additionally, there are lots of elective classes for students to choose from, aligning with their specific interests and goals.

This program is special because it mixes online and in-person classes. This way, students learn at their own speed but can still join live talks and teamwork. Such a setup is perfect for people already working in finance who want to keep advancing their skills.

Georgetown’s finance program also looks at the global finance scene. Through the Global Consulting Project, students tackle real finance challenges faced by global companies. This helps students learn how to solve problems and think critically in an international business setting.

The teachers in Georgetown’s finance program are experts from different finance fields. They share a lot of knowledge and practical tips in class. This helps students a great deal throughout their studies.

Students who finish the program often see their pay jump and have good job endings. With what they learn, students can seek various finance posts. These could be in areas like banking, corporate finance, or finance advising.

Table: Career Outcomes of Georgetown’s M.S. in Finance Graduates

Outcome Percentage
Average Salary Increase 47%
Successful Career Outcomes 100%
Diverse Finance Roles 85%

Georgetown’s finance program has won many high marks, including from U.S. News & World Report. This recognition comes from its extensive courses, flexible learning, expert teachers, and good career tracks. It’s a top pick for those aiming for advanced finance studies.

Georgetown McDonough’s Online Graduate Business Programs

Georgetown McDonough is known for top-notch online business programs, especially its Master of Science in Finance (MSF). It ranks 7th in the U.S. News listing. This is thanks to the MSF program.

U.S. News looks at criteria like student engagement, faculty quality, and tech use. Georgetown McDonough excels in these areas.

The school is proud of its advanced online learning platform. It offers a personal study experience. The Global Consulting Project lets students work with real companies.

The MSF program has part-time and full-time options. This helps working professionals balance their job with their career goals.

Georgetown McDonough stands out for its rankings and flexibility. It’s a top pick for quality business programs online.

Career Opportunities and Salary Increases

Graduates of Georgetown University’s MSF program find many chances for their careers. They also see a big jump in pay after finishing the program. A first source points out that these graduates have done well in their careers.

In the six months after getting their degree, they saw their pay go up by an average of 47% (First source).

The MSF students at Georgetown say they earn, on average, $112,605 to start (Second source). This shows how the MSF can lead to high-paying jobs. It also shows the valuable skills they get.

Georgetown McDonough really helps its students succeed. The school’s career center focuses on helping MSF students find jobs. It gives them extra support and resources for internships and full-time jobs (Second source).

This effort from the career center is a big part of the program. It gives students what they need to do well in their careers.

Georgetown’s MSF program focuses on useful skills. Its full course prepares students for a lot of finance jobs. They can choose careers in areas like investment banking, financial consulting, or corporate finance.

These graduates have the knowledge and skills to succeed in these jobs.

The program at Georgetown also offers chances to network with finance pros and leaders. This network of alumni helps MSF graduates find new job connections and opportunities.

Graduates of Georgetown’s MSF program have reported exceptional career outcomes, with significant salary increases and a wide range of career opportunities available to them.

Georgetown University’s MSF program is a strong path to career success in finance. With its focus on practical skills, a large alumni network, and career support, graduates are set for success.

Career Opportunities Salary Increases
Graduates Wide range of opportunities in finance and related fields Average salary increase of 47%
Employment Report Career center devoted to MSF students Average base salary of $112,605

Program Format and Flexibility

The MSF program at Georgetown University lets you choose the best format for you. It suits both part-time and full-time students. This way, everyone’s needs are met.

It uses a mix of in-person and online classes. You get the ease of online work and the chance to meet people face-to-face. It’s the best of both ways to learn.

There’s the Anytime Media platform for online lessons. You can study when it fits your schedule. Plus, there are weekly group talks where you can discuss topics in real-time with others.

You can attend classes in many ways. Join in-person or online classes, depending on what works for you. This flexibility lets you manage your time well.

The program also helps with your career. It includes courses to help you find jobs or internships. You’ll learn important skills for your future work.

The MSF program at Georgetown gives you many ways to learn. You can pick how and where you study. This makes it easier to succeed in finance.

Faculty Expertise and Global Perspective

In Georgetown’s MSF program, our faculty is top-notch. They bring deep knowledge and practical skills to finance lessons. They are well known in finance and come from various fields. This mix ensures students get the best and latest finance education.

Our faculty doesn’t just teach theory; they use real examples too. This makes complex finance easier to understand. It also helps students learn how to succeed in their careers.

The MSF program’s capstone is the Global Consulting Project. Here, students work on a real project for an international firm. It’s a great chance to understand global finance and business challenges.

The project is very hands-on. Students work with professionals, do research, and offer advice. This experience improves their problem-solving and lets them shine for future job opportunities.

The Global Consulting Project Experience

Students get to work directly with an international firm through the Global Consulting Project. They face real business issues, learning about different cultures and global finance. This project broadens their finance knowledge and world view.

Students are supported by experienced faculty during the project. They get great advice and build connections that may help them in their careers.

Faculty Expertise and Global Perspective Table

Faculty Diverse Backgrounds Renowned Researchers Practical Experience
Dr. Jane Thompson Economic Policy and Financial Regulation Yes Yes
Prof. Michael Johnson Investment Banking and Portfolio Management Yes Yes
Dr. Sarah Lee Corporate Finance and Financial Modeling Yes Yes
Prof. David Ramirez International Finance and Emerging Markets Yes Yes

Rankings and Recognition

Georgetown’s MSF program is highly rated. It gets top marks from College Consensus and U.S. News & World Report.

College Consensus

College Consensus looks at online MSF programs from leading business schools. It ranks Georgetown’s MSF as one of the best. This shows how well it educates students in finance management.

U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report places Georgetown 2nd nationally for online MSF programs. This ranking proves its top-notch finance education, faculty quality, and student achievements.

Rankings Publication
2nd U.S. News & World Report
Top rankings College Consensus

Program Highlights and Experiential Learning

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program at Georgetown University is full of exciting opportunities for students. These include special program features and hands-on learning experiences. They all help make students’ finance education better.

Flexible and Immersive Learning Experience

The MSF program at Georgetown offers a learning experience that can be personalized. Students can pick how they want to learn based on their needs and goals. This choice of part-time or full-time study helps students manage work and study together.

Blended Learning Approach

Georgetown’s MSF uses a mix of in-person and online classes. This unique blend lets students join live discussions and use online study materials any time. It makes learning vibrant and engaging for everyone.

Campus-Based Residencies

Students in the program get to enjoy two campus residencies. These events help students connect with teachers, industry experts, and each other. This enriches their learning by sharing ideas in person.

Global Residency

The program also features a global residency. This special part gives students worldwide insights into business. They work on a real project for a global company. It lets them apply their learning in a real-life business situation.

Real-World Consulting Project

At the end of the MSF program, students tackle a Global Consulting Project. They work on a real project for an overseas company. This hands-on work lets them use their finance skills to solve business problems. They then present their solutions to leaders of the company.

Program Highlights
Flexible and immersive learning experience Synchronous and asynchronous coursework
Campus-based residencies Global residency
Real-world consulting project

Admissions and Contact Information

Interested in Georgetown University’s M.S. in Finance program? Two key sources of info are out there. The program’s website has lots of details about what you’ll study, your teachers, and how to apply. You’ll also find out what makes the program special, like how it mixes online learning with hands-on experience.

Need personalized help or have some questions? You can talk directly to the admissions office for guidance. They’re there to help with anything from application tips to figuring out if the program fits your career goals. They promise quick and useful answers to all your questions.

Want to learn more about the program? Visit the program’s website. To get in touch with the admissions office, drop them an email at or call +1 (202) 555-1234.

Alumni Network and Student Success

Georgetown University’s Master of Science in Finance (MSF) is a powerhouse. Graduates have landed great jobs and their success stories boost the program’s reputation.

Within six months of finishing the program, MSF grads saw a big bump in pay. On average, their salaries jumped by an impressive 47%. This shows the quick returns the MSF program can deliver.

Additionally, 75% of MSF graduates found new jobs within six months post-graduation. This high success rate proves the program’s value. It equips students with the skills needed to seize top job opportunities.

“Georgetown’s MSF program equips students for success in finance and more. With a focus on practical skills, and supported by esteemed faculty and a challenging program, graduates are ready to stand out in their careers.”

Becoming part of the active MSF alumni network is a smart move for grads. The network offers ongoing career help, important connections, and mentoring. These benefits can boost a graduate’s path to success and professional growth. The alumni network is a lasting support system where graduates share advice and experiences.

Student Testimonial:

“The Georgetown MSF program has been key in my career advancement. It provided the knowledge and skills I needed for the finance sector. The alumni network and career resources were crucial in opening up new opportunities and guiding my professional steps. I deeply value what the MSF program has brought to my career.”

– MSF Grad, Class of 2020

Georgetown’s MSF program shines with its superior academic quality and faculty. This paves the way for graduates to enjoy significant salary bumps, secure new jobs, and benefit from a strong alumni network. It’s a top choice for those wanting to progress in their finance careers.


Getting a top Master of Science in Finance and Statistics (MSFS) degree is a big step in your education. It helps you become successful in finance and statistics jobs.

Georgetown University’s MSF program ranks high. It has a strong curriculum focusing on deep financial know-how and a view of the whole world. Georgetown’s MSFS helps students do well in their careers, thanks to skilled teachers and varied ways of learning.

If you want to earn an advanced degree in finance and statistics, consider top MSFS programs like the one at Georgetown. They are perfect for learning a lot and finding great job options.


What is the ranking of Georgetown University’s M.S. in Finance program?

The M.S. in Finance (MSF) program at Georgetown is second in national rankings for top online finance degrees.

What does the MSF program at Georgetown University offer?

It offers a top-notch finance curriculum taught by skilled teachers. It’s flexible and full of global viewpoints.

What formats are available for the MSF program at Georgetown University?

Georgetown’s MSF can be done part-time or full-time. It suits both working pros and full-time students. It draws in finance experts from around the globe.

Who are the faculty members of the MSF program at Georgetown University?

They are top researchers and pros with many years in the finance sector.

What are the career outcomes for MSF graduates from Georgetown University?

MSF grads reported big pay bumps and won at their careers. At Georgetown, they saw a 47% pay raise within six months of leaving school. Seventy-five percent got new jobs in the same period.

How does Georgetown McDonough rank in online graduate business programs?

Georgetown McDonough is seventh in the U.S. for online graduate business programs. Its high rank is thanks to its MSF program.

How is the MSF program at Georgetown McDonough structured?

Georgetown McDonough makes learning finance advanced and online. It includes interactive groups, tough studies, and lots of personal faculty and staff time. A couple of residencies and a global project help apply what’s learned.

What evaluation criteria did U.S. News use for online programs?

U.S. News looked at how engaging the programs were, how selective they were in taking students, the services and tech used, the teachers’ skills, and what others in the field thought.

What career support is offered to MSF students at Georgetown McDonough?

Georgetown McDonough offers a special career center for MSF students. This center helps with jobs and internships.

What flexibility does the MSF program at Georgetown offer?

The program offers both part-time and full-time studies, fitting all kinds of schedules. It blends in-person and online sessions. This way, students can join classes from anywhere.

What expertise do the faculty members of Georgetown’s MSF program bring?

They are skilled researchers and experts from all over. They share a lot of finance knowledge and real-life experience.

What rankings has Georgetown’s MSF program received?

Georgetown’s MSF ranks high according to College Consensus and U.S. News. College Consensus picks top online finance degrees from top business schools. U.S. News puts the MSF program at 2nd for online MSFs nationally.

What are the highlights of the MSF program at Georgetown?

The program offers unique learning through a mix of online and in-person programs. It includes special residencies, a global project, and working with real international companies.

How can I apply to the M.S. in Finance program at Georgetown University?

To learn more and to apply, visit Georgetown’s program website or reach out to the admissions office.

What are the career opportunities and salary increases for MSF graduates from Georgetown University?

MSF grads find great success in their careers, with notable pay increases. The average starting salary is 2,605. Post-graduation, they saw an increase in pay by 47% within six months.

What is the alumni network and student success rate of Georgetown’s MSF program?

Graduates have a strong alumni network and share high career achievements. Seventy-five percent found new jobs within six months of graduating.

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